Recent Post: New Year 2017

Image 02Although not a new concept to Alpaca breeders, the shearing table is more popular in the USA than in the UK. Is there a lesson we can learn here?

We know that alpacas are a timid animal and shearing in the UK takes place at a time of the year when many females are not far from giving birth. It is therefore important that shearing is a non-stressful time for the female and a time when heavy handling is not recommended. A solution is using a shearing table which vastly reduces the amount of stress caused during shearing by preventing unnecessary force being used, for example throwing the alpaca onto the ground and tying then stretching its legs ready for shearing (would you like this being done to you?)..

The extra low loading position of a shearing table enabes a shearer to lift the alpaca from the cush position as well as standing position. Depending on manufacturer, the table uses a pneumatic ram to do the lifting instead of the handlers, thus reducing back injury and physical capability requirement.

Injuries from kicking back feet of alpacas are notorious and can be avoided when lifting with this table design.

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