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Image 02 RANSOMWARE is on the increase and YOUR computer is at risk! What is Ransomware? Its a type of virus infecting you computer that has increased 100% in the past 12 months, so be vigilant this time of the year. Ransomware is a new virus taking many forms and extremely difficult if not impossible to remove.

So how do you become infected? You have the latest antivirus update - Right? Imagine you’re sitting at your computer at home, when an email arrives from your bank saying you have just been charged £1,995 for a new Laptop computer. Now you know that you have not made this purchase, so you click the email and follow the link or download the included receipt to investigate further.

*** BANG *** Just like that, your computer has now been infected with a ransomware virus. The result is that you cannot access ANY of your files, and all you can see is a timer counting down the time until hackers delete your computer’s drive unless you pay them a fee in iTunes gift cards or something similar.

All you can do is scratch your head and think, what the hell just happened? We're here to explain that to our members — and to help you fight back against ransomware criminals. The most important thing to remember is this: Never, ever pay the ransom.
Click the image above to find out more, and how to avoid an attack.



We will be choosing one lucky winner from our Facebook and one from our Twitter followers at our Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 10th December in Wetherby Town Hall. The lucky winners will receive an Alpaca Gift Voucher enabling four people to walk with two alpacas at Beacon Alpacas..

*** Checkout our impressive show video below ***

*** Show clip courtesy of Wold Alpacas - to see more look on their Youtube channel ***